Jingdong school recruitment and pick speed! It's not just a legend to take an offer before you pick a job and get promoted by leaps and bounds

[0} China new longitude and latitude client, August 3 (Xinhua) a graduating student, who has been employed for three years, has risen from T2 to T8. This is not a legend, but a true story that happened in Jingdong.

The protagonist of this story is Albert Zhang. In 2015, he joined Jingdong with a master's degree in computer science from the Institute of flexible parts research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In his third year of employment, he leapt from T2 to T8 twice. In the past four years, his team has constantly developed a killer exercise of service popularization businesses, brand merchants and advertisers, bearing the annual double-digit to three-digit growth. In the past year's Jingdong technology awards, he and his team worked hard to develop the technology harvest, and also won the technology innovation award.

On the website of Jingdong's 5 million lottery platform, there are thousands of answering students and young technical talents like Albert Zhang. The website of Jingdong 5 million lottery platform, which is very popular on the highway of technological transformation, is still attracting more outstanding graduates and technical talents.

According to the website of Xiaochang's 5 million lottery platform, Jingdong has been paying equal attention to the introduction of talents on campus and the development and education of current students. The special enrollment is one of the central driving forces for innovation and upgrading of Jingdong. For this reason, Jingdong school recruitment launched the \ Recently, according to the data from Jingdong, up to now, nearly a thousand students of the 2021 technical class have received offers from Jingdong school recruitment. To some extent, Jingdong's pace in implementing the employment of graduates is far faster than that of other domestic Internet enterprises.

At the same time, for the development of school enrollment, Jingdong has also given space for emancipation, including systematic and personalized education mechanism, and the orientation of promotion resources has been greatly tilted. School enrollment can not only express their value but also exert unlimited potential on the stage of Jingdong. This is why graduates like Albert Zhang can display their talents and realize their dreams.

In essence, since this year's visit to Jingdong, Jingdong has been playing an active role as an \ It is true that the growth of talents needs fertile soil, and Jingdong has unlimited opportunities and Sibo development platform. In such an environment, the potential of young people can be explored and released, and Jingdong is also helping them to reach the desired future day faster. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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